Reconditioning of your folding propeller will correct functioning problems with the unit—including opening and closing, and vibration.

Please note: that if after refurbishing the propeller you still experience functioning problems, these maybe related to wear and maintainance issues in some models of  transmissions.

This service is necessary approx. every 5 to 10 years depending on, the enviroment that the prop lives in, amount/type of use, size of prop, and number of different operators.



close blades together
remove the two cotter pins which hold the pivot pin in place to the hub (connecting blades to the hub).
Tap-out pivot pin & remove blades

Remove two cotter pins; from opposite sides of hub and each one extending through the hub into the shaft nut. Pinch ends of cotter together & pull from outer side of hub.

Use (socket) extension to reach shaft nut (recessed inside end of hub), then, turn nut counter-clockwise to loosen.

Do not remove nut entirely, as sometimes the hub (next step) may come flying-off the shaft with a lot of force. For this same reason, do not stand directly aft of the shaft, but rather, stand to one side.

Note: 3/8” extension fits 3/4” & 7/8” shaft, ½” extension fits a 1” and larger shaft sizes.

 If you do not feel totally comfortable or competent in performing any of the following steps, and/or you do not have the appropriate tools/equipment, you should consult &/or hire a professional (boatyard, prop shop, etc...) to perform this service

It is important that you understand a propeller hub and shaft are machined tapers, which generate a tremendous amount of holding power.

Start by tapping the forward end of hub with a hammer and punch in order to separate the hub and shaft.  Use caution when using this method, as prolonged hammering can damage the hub and shaft.

Please note, If not successfull after a few tries with the hammer and punch method, it will then be necessary to use a wheel-puller. 

If at this point you have not had success with the removal of the hub from the shaft, we suggest that you consult a professional.

Look for “key” (bronze) as hub is removed; you will need it when re-mounting the hub on shaft.
Please send the following parts to Martec:
(1) pair of propeller blades
(1) hub (big piece which slides over shaft & attaches to blades)
(1) pivot pin (possible to re-use)  

Please keep the shaft nut and key unless they are damaged and need replacement. These are not needed during re-conditioning, but are important for the re-installation. Martec will return the refurbished propeller with a new set of cotter pins.

Please include a brief note in the box with the propeller giving us your name, address, telephone number, and a return date. The return shipping method used  is UPS, unless another carrier is requested.  Be sure to insure your package,and secure the package well, by putting extra packing at each end of the box .  Most propellers are scheduled on a two to four week turn-around. However, if the circumstances warrant a quicker turnaround, we will make every effort to meet your particular schedule/launch date.

You may pay for the service by VISA or Mastercard, or check if time permits.

Average cost is approximately $260.00 - $280.00 US + Shipping and Handling.  Please note that the propeller size & metal condition mayl affect the average cost.

We are always happy to send you an estimate on any reconditioning work you may need.

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