S4 2-Blade Slipstream  

S5 3-Blade


     S6 2-blade Slipstream 

           (Saildrive application)


Seahawk, Martec Engineering and Austral Propellers have joined forces to bring you the ‘Slipstream’ range of Folding Sailboat Propellers.

Slpstream Folding propellers are a geared design. They were first released in early 2003, starting with the 2-blade version in April and the 3-blade version due in July.


Martec Engineering

Founded by the late Walt Beck in Long Beach, California, Martec developed in the 1960’s the first modern, low-drag sailboat propeller, known as the ‘Martec Folder’. While folding props had been around for a century or more, they were inelegant, expensive designs. Beck’s looking like a piece of bronze functional sculpture, arrived at a time when sailboat design was evolving rapidly toward higher performance. A backyard, part-time enterprise of an aerospace engineer became a thriving family business that continues today now run by his son.


Austral Propellers

Austral Propellers, founded by the Vincent family in 1940, is proud of the fact that the third generation of Vincents now operate the business. Austral is dedicated solely to the manufacture of marine propellers. They have extensive experience in the manufacture of fixed and folding sailboat propellers as well as producing propellers of all types up to 72” diameter for use on both pleasure and commercial craft.


Pty. Ltd.

Having been in the propeller business since 1981 and having produced the "Autostream" self-feathering propeller for over 20 years, this family owned company is now entering it’s second generation.

The Autostream propeller has become, what many believe is the best available product for the cruising sailor. It was developed and improved by cruising sailors using the world-renowned ‘Aussie ingenuity’ to enable production of quality stainless steel propellers at a cost comparable to bronze propellers"



All Stainless steel construction for superior life.

Stainless construction matches the internal parts of saildrive legs; thus making them less prone to electrolysis.

Blades and body 316L stainless steel (low carbon 316)

Blade design has a large surface area for excellent thrust.

Unique blade geometry results in a smoother and more reliable opening of the blades, particularly when shifting into reverse while travelling forward.

Geared blades will close at slow sailing speeds, regardless of shaft position. It is not necessary to climb into the bilge to position theshaft.

Blades will always open and close together.

Geared design keeps blades synchronized and allows blades to fold from any position.Blades swing on replaceable nibral bushes, these can be simply pressed out and replaced ,versus being drilled out to oversize or welded up and redrilled when worn.

Blade pivot pins will be secured at both ends with double screws for additional security, versus the normal one end.

The side of the blade is held away from the inside of the body with UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) 'Side Thrust plates' This is to prevent metal to metal wear of blade on body.

Urethane 'Bump Stops' to reduce the clunk of the blades hitting the full open stops when the blades open up in forward.

The Urethane stops, side thrusts, pivot pins and nibral bushes will all be available as a "Self-service" kit. Allowing the user to refurbish the prop when required in the years to come.

Saildrive models both feature 'fail-safe' cushion hubs. The 3 blade version is the same proven design as used in the Autostream range. The 2 blade model is a more compact version with integrated stops.


Five-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects . Combined know how and experience of three propeller companies

A superior product at a competitive price

2 and 3 blade designs

Available in both Shaft Drive and Saildrive models

‘Fail-Safe’ Cushion-Hub fitted to all Saildrive models . All wear components are user serviceable. “Self-service” kits are available to purchase when the time comes to refurbish the propeller.

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Low-Drag, Feathering & Folding Propellers for Sailing Yachts & Sailboats made in Australia by Seahawk

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